Laser Treatments

A laser produces a highly concentrated beam of light able to penetrate the skin. The energy is absorbed in one specific type of tissue, and the firing is so fast that the surrounding tissue does not have time to heat up. Thus, the target is vaporized, and the surrounding skin is left untouched. Bright red, branching blood vessels are common on the face and can be a source of embarrassment for many people. Cherry hemangiomas (red moles) may appear in great numbers on the skin, making a person self-conscious. Laser removal of these vascular lesions is surprisingly easy and affordable. And the first word most patients say when they look at themselves in a mirror after the treatment is “WOW!”

Excel® V+

We are excited to offer the latest laser technology for removal of unsightly red, blue, or purple “spider veins,” facial redness, and brown sun spots. We also offer LASER Genesis treatments to diminish the signs of sun damage and aging, fine lines, and wrinkles for a healthy looking complexions with no downtime.